Legal pot sales may be just weeks away in the Capital Region – Times Union

ALBANY — Several retailers licensed to run the first recreational cannabis shops in the Capital Region said they’re close to selling, with two suggesting it could be a matter of weeks. But even with business backgrounds, their efforts to set up shop have kept them running nonstop to handle compliance measures and nail down their storefronts and supply chains. 

For Joshua Mirsky, one quarter of the team set to own local marijuana shop Stage One Dispensary, it could take a little longer. The chance to open one of the region’s first four spots is a point of pride that will come with local ’90s nostalgia. He and his co-owners have been busy getting cannabis samples from growers across the state. And while they’ve gotten some “good samples” and could open as early as March, they may also wait longer if they can’t find enough top-shelf product to “make sure there’s enough to sustain (sales) until the next harvest.”

Mirsky, 43, who is the frontman of the genre-bending, popular local band Mirk, is going into business with his Albany High School buddy Nathaniel Innes and their wives Galina German-Innes and Sugey Mirsky. Bringing the group back together is in the name. 


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