L.A. County authorities not doing enough to shut down illegal dispensaries: LAT – KTLA Los Angeles

L.A. County authorities are having trouble permanently shutting down illegal dispensaries, the Los Angeles Times said. 

A Pew Research Center study found that L.A. County accounts for a tenth of all dispensaries thought to be in operation nationwide, with 1,500. 

However, California State Department of Cannabis Control data for the year ending 2022 shows there were only 384 dispensaries in the county with licenses. 

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Law enforcement officials in L.A. County and across the state have made hundreds of arrests and seized thousands of pounds in illegal cannabis and other illicit drugs this year, including one seizure at a San Bernardino County location in April which yielded more than 50 pounds of illegal drugs.

The L.A. Times described one recent raid at a former used car dealership turned illegal dispensary in Whittier that took place on May 10; as a result of the raid, one employee was arrested and charged for being in possession of psilocybin mushrooms and the rest were let go with a warning. 

The location was back open within weeks, the Times said. 

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