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Ownership of a marijuana dispensary has never been easier in the U.S. with most states now legally able to sell various legal and medicinal CBD and pot products from rich buds to candies to shakes. Even the first marijuana megastore is about to open for business, or so states the major cannabis company, KOLAS. 

Said to be a sign of how fat and wide the industry has blossomed, the 7,700 square-foot Sacramento, CA, megastore will feature pot-laced favorites including flowers, pre-rolls, and gummies. Says the KOLAS Marketing and Communications director, this new big location is not just about making money. One of its major aims is to emphasize marijuana education. He also said the “canna-curious” is one of the fastest growing groups in the U.S. They might be on the fence, so to speak, when it comes to purchasing marijuana products, but once educated, it’s likely they will dive right in.   

Another way the many marijuana dispensaries are said to be attracting new customers is by providing cheap and easy-to-use consumption devices. According to a new report by MJBiz Daily, with U.S. dispensaries having recently been faced with crashing flower and bud prices that have resulted in depressed profit margins,

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