How to Make CBD Gummies at Home

CBD has gone from being a presumed ‘flavour of the month’ fad to an all-out obsession the world can’t get enough of. If the science of CBD is to be believed, this remarkable compound has more wide-reaching therapeutic properties than almost any conventional pharmaceutical on the market.

From relief from seizures to the treatment of mood disorders to anxiety prevention and so much more besides, CBD can apparently do it all. Unsurprisingly, demand for quality CBD products has resulted in the most enormous surge in CBD supplement availability. It’s a bandwagon everyone’s jumping on, fuelling the rapid and on-going growth of an already enormous market.

Unfortunately, not all CBD products are of the same high quality standard. Quite the contrary – a huge proportion of the CBD products on the market right now are pure garbage. Manufactured using low-grade CBD and in concentrations too weak to have any beneficial effects whatsoever, buyers are routinely being duped into wasting their money.

DIY Cannabis Crafting

For some, the appeal lies in the creativity of it all. For others, it’s all about taking complete control of what goes into their supplements. Whatever the reason, the popularity of DIY cannabis crafting is on

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