How Software Developers Can Ensure Cannabis Dispensaries have the POS Hardware They Need – DevPro Journal

In the retail space, cannabis dispensaries are relatively new – and many dispensary owners are new to running a business. Their primary focus is often on the quality of the products they sell, and they devote less attention to their business IT systems and point of sale (POS) technology. But they need to.

Cannabis is a highly regulated industry with laws that vary from state to state and include strict penalties, such as high fines and loss of business license. Those laws prescribe what must happen at the point of sale, such as meticulously weighing and labeling products, printing purchase information on receipts, and logging specific data for auditing.

Cannabis Dispensary Software Addresses Challenges

The software you develop for this industry addresses cannabis dispensary compliance, but it also gives business owners the tools they need to operate efficient businesses and provide positive customer experiences. Beyond ensuring cannabis dispensaries are compliant with the law, your software solution addresses challenges, such as:

Cash management

Although legislators are working to change banking laws to give cannabis businesses the same access to banking services that other merchants have (e.g., business checking accounts, accepting credit cards), dispensaries operate primarily as cash-only businesses. Cannabis

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