Houston’s 8th Wonder Brewery to Open Cannabis Dispensary and Lounge This October – Eater Houston

Houston brewery and distiller 8th Wonder and cannabis store Bayou City Hemp Co. are teaming up to open a dispensary and lounge that will serve hop- and hemp-based cannabis products.

On October 17, the two companies will launch 8th Wonder Cannabis, a dispensary and lounge hosted in the 8th Wonder building at 2201 Dallas Street that will also produce its own brand of hemp-based products.

Together, 8th Wonder and Bayou City Hemp introduced in 2021 the first two cannabis-infused non-alcoholic and zero-calorie seltzers in the state, including the THC-infused Delta-8 Wonder Water and the CBD Wonder Water. The brewery has also created additional hemp-based seltzers including Bun B’s Delta-8 seltzer, Trillionaire, which is named after one of the Houston rapper’s songs with T-Pain.

The new in-house dispensary will continue selling the seltzers, plus variety of cannabis-infused products, including non-alcoholic drinks, gummies, edibles, pre-rolls, vapes, flowers, and water-soluble options such as additives, which can be dissolved in a beverage. These consumables will contain varying levels of CBD, a chemical from the cannabis plant that can have a calming effect, or THC, a cannabinoid that elicits psychoactive properties or a “high” feeling similar to that of THC in marijuana.


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