Henderson City Council votes to limit number of marijuana dispensaries – Fox 5 Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – During a May 16 meeting, the Henderson City Council voted to restrict the number of marijuana dispensaries in the city.

The council voted on a pair of measures, Bill No. 3719 and Bill No. 3720, during the Tuesday evening meeting. The first was “to make necessary changes to the marijuana dispensary use standards,” while the second pertained to regulations and licenses regarding off-site delivery and curbside pickup for certain businesses.

A summary page for Bill 3719 said that the measure would amend development code “so that it would no longer require retail marijuana dispensaries to be co-located with medical marijuana dispensaries.” The amendment would also no longer allow waivers or reductions regarding the minimum-required one-mile separation between dispensaries.

A similar summary for Bill 3720 said that the proposed ordinance would remove the requirement for retail marijuana establishments to be colocated with an existing medical marijuana facility. The proposal additionally “limits the number of cannabis sales facility establishments in the City to no more than 11.”

It also establishes conditions under which retail marijuana stores may deliver their products. The two bills both passed unanimously, without any comment or discussion.

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