Hemp Buds 101 – Like Cannabis Flower but Legal!

When the term hemp is mentioned, what comes to mind for many people is a plant that makes you high. This is because hemp is often used interchangeably with marijuana. However, although both plants belong to the Cannabis Sativa family, they are two different subspecies with different properties.

Marijuana is an illegal plant with psychoactive effects that mess your brain. People use this specific type for recreational purposes. However, hemp is a beneficial product. With less than 0.3 THC (the intoxicating compound), hemp is primarily grown for medicinal and industrial purposes. The difference in THC is what actually makes hemp legal across the United States.

Follow through as we delve deep into what a hemp bud is and why it is gaining popularity as a faster rate.

History of Hemp

If you thought the human race stumbled upon hemp recently, you are painfully mistaken. This fantastic plant has been cultivated for millennia. Archeologists have found hemp clothes dating as far back as 8,000 BC.

Over time, the plant was utilized for a number of uses across the world. The English used it to build a fleet of ships for use during battle. Hemp was also grown in North

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