Hello Again Is Taking On Menopause: At The Source With Cannabis

Initially I was hesitant to take on this topic, menopause. Why? Being a man, I couldn’t possibly understand (I don’t, really) nor would I ever experience the thrills and deep joys of menopause. (I wouldn’t have that sports car either from what is described as Male Menopause. It doesn’t exist for men, no matter how we plead.) But actually I have experienced menopause from afar, however I won’t go into that in this article. Good thing really. But enough of what I know or better yet, don’t know about menopause. What I do know is that THC and CBD when combined in carefully metered doses (at the source) offer a deep form of relief that just has to be shared in my column. No matter what your personal thoughts are about taking any form of cannabis, this product that I discovered named Hello Again is Taking on Menopause… at the Source. Check it out!

As any woman of a certain age (or her family and friends) can tell you, menopause is anything but predictable or pleasant. Telltale signs like hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, chills, weight gain, and changes in sex drive can be common symptoms experienced by all women

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