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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Commissioners in Monongalia County are expected to take a vote on new regulations proposed for medical cannabis dispensaries, already approved by the county board of health. The health board unanimously passed the regulations May 27, however for the first time the ordinance also requires approval from the county commission.

Senate Bill 12 was passed in the last legislative session giving county commissions the authority to review regulations passed by county health boards.

“The health department recognizes that there are true risks that are involved and that there are multiple dark elements,” Chico said,” And those range from medical issues to safety issues, but there all health issues.”

In October of 2020, the Monongalia County Board of Health approved 20 dispensary permits unanimously. In early 2021, the DHHR Office of Medical Cannabis approved 100 dispensary permits statewide, 14 of those are approved for Mon County.

State regulations require dispensaries to be at least 1,000 feet from any school or daycare facility.

Guidance from the Monongalia County Health Department adds libraries and parks to the 1,000 foot list, while recommending dispensaries must be stand-alone or not in a strip mall. The regulations also include strict storage

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