Garbage dumped near dispensary in Panchkula – The Tribune India

The attached photograph highlights the garbage accumulated near the gate of a dispensary located in Panchkula’s Sector 8. It is concerning how the Municipal Corporation has turned a blind eye to the poor sanitation conditions in the area. Despite the problem having been brought to the notice of the MC officials, no action has been taken in this regard. —RP Malhotra, Panchkula

Faridabad grapples with ‘severe’ air quality, residents suffer

Arise in the pollution levels in Faridabad is a grave matter of concern for city residents. Waste is being burnt along roads and the authorities concerned have failed to keep tabs on such violations. The city is in a dire state and the problem needs immediate attention of the civic body officials. —Jitender, Faridabad

Overflowing Sewer in Gurugram

Dirty water accumulated on Sector 38 road in Gurugram due to an overflowing sewer, has become a cause for concern for residents and passers-by. The contaminated water not only emits unbearable stench, but is also an invitation to many fatal diseases. The MC must ensure that the problem is resolved at the earliest. —Ajay, Gurugram

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