G2 Dispensary of Rockaway Open for Adult-use Cannabis Sales – Heady NJ

The G2 dispensary of Rockaway in Morris County has opened the 108th location for NJ adult-use cannabis sales noted by Heady NJ.

They have a spacious show floor featuring many cannabis products.

The local independent manufacturer Onyx has supplied cannabis concentrates to the market market and was featured on their shelves. They also have gummies from the new independent licensed manufacturer Growfather from Little Leaf Labs.

G2 is among the few dispensaries with little jars with samples so you can smell their cannabis flower.

The smell of cannabis is crucial to determining its taste and overall effect.

Like other dispensaries, they do have some products from large MSOs. However, unlike other dispensaries, G2 has embraced the longtime underground cannabis culture and featured a cutout of Cheech and Chong and some of the paraphernalia they sell, like glass.

G2 cannabis dispensary display floor with Cheech and Chong decorations and onyx cannabis products.

“The old school smokers all love Cheech and Chong,” G2 Dispensary Co-owner Chris Maher noted. “We would like to have a cannabis aesthetic that has a vibe.”

He prided himself on the space and encouraged browsing the large floor with its displays. Maher explained that many other

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