Fiscal Court considers prohibition of medical marijuana dispensaries – Commonwealth Journal’s History

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Pulaski officials are considering taking action to prohibit the ability of medical marijuana dispensaries from operating within the county.

Fiscal Court held a first reading Tuesday on an ordinance that would prevent dispensaries from opening shop in Pulaski. The action would be taken ahead of a state law going into affect on January 1 of next year that allows medical cannabis businesses to operate.

While the county would have until December 31 to make any laws concerning cannabis sales, Pulaski County Attorney Martin Hatfield pointed out that the state will begin issuing licenses on July 1, allowing growing operations to begin before shops open.

Hatfield also noted that the county may pass a law prohibiting marijuana sales, but that doesn’t mean cities can’t make their own decisions.

“If the court passes an ordinance prohibiting the sale of cannabis in Pulaski, then any incorporated city within the county can then come back and pass their own ordinance allowing for the sale of cannabis within those city limits,” Hatfield said.

He also noted that the City of Somerset has already taken action concerning the potential zoning

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