First Batch of Medical Cannabis Arrives at Children’s Hospital in Argentina

Buenos Aires National Children’s Garrahan Hospital just provided the first supply of medical cannabis in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina

Argentinian health authorities are now providing access to cannabis derivatives for medicinal, therapeutic and palliative purposes. The first supply of medical cannabis for pediatric patients with epilepsy at the Buenos Aires National Children’s Garrahan Hospital was finally delivered. The delivery was a long-awaited result of Law 27,350. The law was passed in 2017, but it wasn’t regulated until November of last year.

The hospital’s young patients will now receive treatment from pharmaceutical-grade cannabis oil, purified and highly concentrated. It’s for patients with drug-resistant epilepsy, which is when an individual can’t remain seizure-free after two trials of antiseizure medications. 

The medical marijuana will also treat patients with seizures associated with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS), Dravet syndrome (DS) and epilepsy related to Tuberous Sclerosis. LGS and DS are frequently resistant to treatment and cause cognitive and behavioural changes.

In over 80 percent of cases, cannabis has been proven to improve patients’ quality of life. The drug also reduces the number of seizures by a reported 60 percent. 

Bottles of cannabis oral solution were delivered to Buenos Aires National Children’s Garrahan Hospital in Argentina. It is, according to

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