Find Silly Nice’s Frosted Hash Ball Exclusively in 50+ Dispensaries Across New York State –

Silly Nice is setting the standard in the cannabis industry with their latest innovation, the Frosted Hash Ball. Developed by cannabis expert Jason Ambrosino from Veteran Holdings, this product represents a significant leap forward in cannabis technology. Available exclusively in New York, the Frosted Hash Ball can be found in over 50 dispensaries statewide, making it a coveted product for cannabis enthusiasts.

A Marvel of Cannabis Craftsmanship

The Frosted Hash Ball is crafted from 45-160 micron bubble hash, sourced from fresh frozen material provided by Full Spectrum Ag. This meticulous extraction process ensures only the highest quality resin is used. Each hash ball is then hand-coated with THCA isolate, giving it a striking frosted appearance and enhancing its potency. This innovative coating technique sometimes allows the resin to merge entirely with the powder, resulting in an exceptionally potent product.

Potency and Composition

For those seeking a powerful and comprehensive cannabis experience, the Frosted Hash Ball delivers:

Total Cannabinoids: 55.63% (556.3 mg/g) Total THC: 49.62% (496.2 mg/g) Total CBD: 0.07585% (0.7585 mg/g)

These impressive figures make the Frosted Hash Ball one of the most potent concentrates on the market.

A Symphony of Terpenes

The Frosted Hash Ball stands out

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