Feral Hogs Partly Consume Almost $20k Worth of Cocaine in Italy

Feral hogs sniffed out a stash of cocaine that had been buried in an Italian forest by drug dealers earlier this year, according to police who had wiretapped the gang in connection with a murder investigation. The coke, nearly $20,000 worth, was at least partly consumed by wild boar as they dug up the drug and spread across the floor of a Tuscan forest.

Italian police learned of the cocaine-swiping swine during the investigation of the May murder of a 21-year-old Albanian who is suspected of being a drug dealer. After setting up a wiretap to monitor the phones of the gang, made up of one Italian and three Albanians, in connection with the murder, police heard them complaining about the incident.

The gang had allegedly been selling about two kilos of cocaine per month in the cities of Siena and Arezzo in Tuscany from September 2018 until March 2019. They were selling high-quality coke for about $95 per gram in bars and night clubs in the two cities, attempting to conceal their actions by using words as ‘aperitivo,’ ‘prosecco,’ ‘vino,’ and ‘caffè,’ as part of a code that was quickly cracked by police.

The drug dealers had been storing

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