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Father and son burglary photos for web

By Patti Weaver

  (Stillwater, Okla.) — A Cushing man and his teen-aged son, who were both arrested Friday, have been charged as co-defendants with breaking into Cushman Cannabis dispensary located eight blocks from their residence — by prying open the side door with a crowbar about 48 times in the early morning of July 22, court records allege.    Randy Lee Day, 41, an ex-convict released from prison four years ago, and his son, Presten Blayne Day, 18, were arraigned Tuesday from the Payne County Jail where they were ordered held on $10,000 bail each on the charges that were filed Friday.    Due to his criminal record, the father could be given a prison term ranging from four years to life if convicted of second-degree burglary after two or more prior felonies. His son could be incarcerated for zero to seven years if convicted of second-degree burglary. Both could be fined as much as $10,000.    The marijuana dispensary was burglarized by two individuals at about 3:24 am on July 22; the Cushing Police Department was notified about four minutes later by the alarm company,

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