Edibles and Other Cannabis Derivatives Become Legal in Canada This Week

For Canada’s recreational cannabis consumers, a long-awaited day is just on the horizon. On October 17, 2019 one full year after Canada’s world-historic legalization of cannabis went into effect, licensed companies will finally be able to produce and sell edibles and other cannabis derivatives, such as extracts and topicals. So far, consumers on the non-medical retail market have only had access to flower. As a result, many consumers have continued to turn to unregulated, illicit retailers for edibles, vape cartridges, and other non-flower products.

Regulations for Edibles and Derivatives Take Effect Tomorrow

Postponing the production and sale of cannabis edibles and other derivatives has always been part of Health Canada’s plan for rolling out the Cannabis Act of 2018. National and provincial regulators wanted extra time to develop specific rules and regulations for non-flower products. They also wanted time to solicit feedback from Canadian consumers and stakeholders. At issue has been the question of THC limits for edibles and derivatives, rules for product ingredients, packaging and labeling and restrictions on anything that might appeal to children.

Health Canada finalized those regulations in mid-June this year and published them shortly after. And in a press release, the agency stated that the

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