DOJ's Antifa Push Spurs Trump Appointee To Charge A Band's Bassist Over A Bag Of Weed

A top federal prosecutor appointed by President Donald Trump held a news conference this week to announce that the “outstanding investigative work” of federal and state law enforcement officers had resulted in a federal felony charge against a 29-year-old bassist in an anarcho-punk band over a bag of weed.

Justin Coffman and his friends and family in Jackson, Tennessee, think that U.S. Attorney D. Michael Dunavant, a Trump appointee, is trying to make an example out of a Trump opponent. Coffman joined Black Lives Matter protests, belonged to a rock band with an anarchist theme and posted memes poking fun at what he saw as Republicans’ overblown concerns about the loosely organized anti-fascist movement known as “antifa.”

The law enforcement investigation into Coffman began in the days after George Floyd’s death on May 25. Coffman, like millions of Americans, was outraged that Minneapolis police had choked the life out of the 46-year-old Black man.

“It broke his heart,” Leah Harris, Coffman’s girlfriend,

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