Denver’s Marijuana Mansion Opens its Doors for a Trippy, Cannabis-Friendly Experience

The Marijuana Mansion’s doorway remains unfinished, a choice purposefully made by the new owner and Creative Director, Lisa Leder. The door itself wears a weathered surface that matches the sandstone exterior and stained glass windows. As a whole, the mansion is a standing symbol of a time passed in the history of Denver.

When you walk in, not only do you travel back in time but to a whole new dimension. Grand staircases lead to rooms that have been turned into time capsules. Bookcases open up to reveal secret rooms. The Marijuana Mansion screams opulence and whispers tales of ghosts.

Now, after its grand reopening in June, it is an homage to all things cannabis and its influence throughout the decades in music, art, design and politics. It’s a perfect blend of museum, private venue and art exhibition for local and tourists alike. “When we walked in and heard the name Marijuana Mansion, we thought that was so cool”, said Leder, recounting the day she took an interest in buying the property. “And then when we saw the dispensary in the back… it all just clicked.”

– Read the entire article at 303 Magazine.

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