County Eyeing Liquor-Style Licensure For Dispensaries | Community – Yankton Daily Press

Yankton County officials are closer to crafting a policy for medical marijuana dispensary licenses.

During its regular meeting Tuesday, the Yankton County Commission held a discussion on the path forward for marijuana policy within the county.

Chairperson Cheri Loest said that recent communication with county advocacy groups shows there’s some urgency to come up with a plan sooner rather than later.

“They are forecasting the state will be ready to go before October 29,” she said. “They are forecasting around October 4. That’s a lot quicker. If we are amending our zoning ordinance, we are going to have to have a special meeting.”

She added there are very few reasons why the county would need to change the zoning ordinance.

“The only reason we’d need to change our zoning … is if we want to limit locations in the county,” she said. “Otherwise they have the licensing which essentially covers the number, the fee, hours of operation and your zoning ordinance if you’re choosing to limit locations.”

A change in the zoning ordinance, as demonstrated with the recently enacted Article 5 changes, is an involved process that involves multiple meetings and involvement of the Yankton County Planning Commission.

It’s a process that Commissioner Wanda Howey-Fox expressed

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