Connecticut Cannabis Sales Hit Record High of $25M in August

Cannabis sales in Connecticut continue to set records, topping $25 million in August, according to the Department of Consumer Protection (DCP). In August, adult-use sales in the state totaled $14 million, while medical cannabis sales reached $11 million. 

It’s the seventh month in a row that adult-use sales in the state have increased. Medical cannabis sales also saw a slight increase of about 8,000 purchases after declining for four straight months. 

In all, 52% of combined cannabis sales were flower, with vape products comprising 30%, and edibles another 11%. In August, medical cannabis patients purchased 278,395 products, and adult-use consumers purchased 354,700 products. The average product price for medical cannabis patients was $39.36 in August, while the average price of adult-use products was $39.49, the DCP said in a press release. The figures represent a slight decline from average product prices in the state the prior month – $39.92 for adult-use products and $36.66 for products sold to registered patients. 

The data does not include taxes collected at the point of sale on adult-use transactions and is subject to further review by the department. Medical cannabis patients do not pay taxes on the purchase of

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