Colorado Cannabis Company, Nature’s Root Labs, Breaks New Ground by Unionizing

The Colorado cannabis landscape is shifting, and unionization is coming to the industry. Nature’s Root Labs in Longmont, Colorado just unionized employees through United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW).

Nature’s Root Labs sells CBD to Union Harvest in Florida, a company that then uses the raw product to make cannabidiol-rich CBD offerings for their customers. Now, the business has reached an official agreement with the UFCW that will provide a legal union option for the company’s workers.

“[The] agreement between UFCW and these companies in Longmont, Colorado marks a first of its kind, across-the-board unionized CBD joint venture that sets a precedent for even more workers in the industry to unionize,” claimed the release from UFCW.

Now, following this move, the option is on the table for more cannabis businesses with multiple locations or licenses in other states to unionize. In the past, this has kept businesses from being able to make such a move because of the federal illegality of cannabis and the disconnect between different state laws.

Other states have already started unionizing legal cannabis, including California, another early supporter of both recreational and medical cannabis industries. However, Colorado is a bit behind, as the state only started its first cannabis-related employee

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