CBD May Offer Health Benefits for Postmenopause

Although menopause is a naturally occurring transition, it can often cause numerous unpleasant symptoms in women — primarily due to declining female hormone levels.

According to the National Institute on AginTrusted SourcegTrusted SourceTrusted Source(Trusted SourceNTrusted SourceITrusted SourceATrusted Source), these symptoms can include hot flashes, sleep disturbances, and pain during sex. What’s more, menopause can also cause moodiness, irritability, depression, or a combination of physical and mental health symptoms.

In addition, research suggests that the natural decline in estrogen that occurs with menopause may also increase a woman’s risk of cardiovascular diseaseTrusted Source, osteoporosisTrusted Source, and gastrointestinal conditionsTrusted Source. A 2020 review of researchTrusted Source also suggests that declining estrogen is associated with systemic inflammation.

– Read the entire article at Healthline.

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