Cannabis Oil With Low THC Now Legal to Possess in Kansas

It’s no plan for legalization, but it’s something; as of July 1, qualified patients will be able to use low THC cannabis oil in Kansas. Claire and Lola’s Law a.k.a. House Bill 2244 does not allow for legal sale or production of the oil, but individuals and families who meet requirements will be able to leave the state to purchase it, then come back home to administer the medicine. 

Prior to the law’s passage, Kansas was one of only four states without a comprehensive recreational or medical marijuana program — despite the fact that 18 pieces of medical marijuana legislation have been introduced since 2006. 

The bill technically gives patients an affirmative defense, to be utilized should they be charged with a drug-related crime for taking the CBD oil. Additionally, HB 2244 bars the state’s Department of Children and Families from removing a kid from a family that uses CBD oil. 

Claire and Lola’s Law was named for two sisters with microcephaly, cerebral palsy, and dwarfism. Older sister Claire Hartley died in December, and her parents were convinced that low THC cannabis oil was a must-try to save little sis Lola from a similar fate. “I know it would have

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