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The small government-run dispensary at Aamagarh kachchi basti is close to the hearts of the residents there. Set up in 2019, the facility served the residents of this unregularised colony through the Covid pandemic and currently fulfills their routine health needs. But there is so much that it does not have even though the residents require it the most.
“Marham patti ki vyavastha nahin hai yahan pe (We do not have the facility of dressing of wounds here).We need this facility here the most,” said Mohammed Azhar, a resident. Others said the supply of medicines at the dispensary is not proper.
Aashiq Ali, 65, who has been living in this area for the past 35 years and works in the gemstones polishing sector, said the dispensary should urgently have an emergency room with GNM (General Nursing and Midwifery) facility for normal injections, first aid and other medical facilities.
“This dispensary helped us greatly during the Covid-19 time. The dispensary staff and aanganwadi workers went door to door for surveys to identify people with influenza-like symptoms and made us aware of Covid-19. They also gave the right medication to us. It was so nice of the government to set up this facility despite the

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