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WHITE PLAINS, NY — Even though New York made marijuana legal more than two years ago, retail dispensaries are few and far between because of legal challenges.

However, there is a location in White Plains — Cannabis Growers Showcase at 244 Main St. — that is open until Dec. 31 where people can purchase a wide range of legal marijuana products.

The state passed the Marihuana Regulation and Taxation Act in March 2021.

Since that time the Office of Cannabis Management has licensed 270 adult-use conditional cultivators, 40 conditional processors, distributors and 23 conditional adult-use retail dispensaries, according to the state website.

The initial set of retail licenses was awarded to people who have marijuana-related convictions and who have owned profitable businesses.

Cannabis%20Growers%20Showcase%20Image%201The Cannabis Growers Showcase is located at 244 Main St. in White Plains. (Leafology)

However, those conditional adult-use retail dispensary licenses are under a court injunction, which has delayed the process of shops opening, Raphael Bassalobre of Cannabis Growers Showcase told Patch.

Four military veterans sued the state for giving priority to people who had a previous marijuana conviction in New York over disabled vets and other

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