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David Bronner Join David Bronner, Activist Soapmaker and Founder of Brother David’s Cannabis on a Dispensaries Tour in Celebration of 4/20.

Starting tomorrow April 16 to April 20, 2021, Brother David’s, the non-profit cannabis company created by activist soapmaker David Bronner, will tour 18 California cannabis dispensaries.

The tour, which runs through 4/20, aims to inform customers about the specific characteristics and qualities of Sun+Earth Certified products, which are grown on farms that practice regenerative organic agriculture in the soil, under natural sunlight, and by reasonably compensated farmers.

Be sure to join our Stoner Stimulus page to get a chance to win a bar of the Sun+Earth limited edition Dr. Broner’s Cannabis Scented Soap as part of Candid Chronicle’s 4/20 Giveaway week.

Brother David’s education efforts will continue to concentrate on his mission to end the drug war. To do this the brand contributes all proceeds to social justice organizations seeking to restore equality in the cannabis industry.  Especially among communities of color that have been disproportionately imprisoned and impoverished as a result of federal prohibition.

Beyond education, Brother David’s is also dedicated to sourcing expertly cultivated and cured sun-grown cannabis products. As mentioned previously, the Sun+Earth Certified insignia,

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