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The U.S. Hemp Building Association (USHBA) is dedicated to advocating for and supporting the hemp building industry.

In early January, the association submitted hemp-lime (hempcrete) insulation for certification in U.S. building codes. If the certification gets approved, “hempcrete would be permitted as a standard material for residential construction,” Jacob Waddell, USHBA then-interim executive director, told Cannabis Business Times in February.

Cannabis Business Times caught up with Henry Gage Jr., USHBA president and certifications director, to discuss where that certification stands, as well as the association’s latest advancements in the hemp building industry and what it has in store for 2023.

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Andriana Ruscitto: In early January, the USHBA submitted hemp-lime (hempcrete) insulation for certification in U.S. building codes. Where does that process stand?

Henry Gage: The overview is that we were in Rochester, N.Y., back in April, and we presented before the council (International Code Council (ICC)), and it was overwhelmingly approved as a recommendation. This month when the public review period is complete, and they’re having their annual meeting to decide what goes in code and what doesn’t, the expectation is that we’ll receive an announcement any day that it has

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