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The best dispensary in Davis with the best deals


If April 20 means something more to you than just Picnic Day and you’re a fan of getting a good deal, then look no further than F Street Dispensary. Providing recreational as well as medical marijuana products, this dispensary has become a favorite of the UC Davis community, with this year’s Best of Davis survey respondents voting “F Street Dispensary” as the best dispensary in Davis. 

Besides the significant 4/20 sale happening until Picnic Day, F Street Dispensary is known for online deals, great variety and amazing service. Located at 420 F St. in Davis, this dispensary is just a short bike ride away for most students, as it is in Central Davis. With a 9 a.m. opening time, this dispensary is as accommodating to students’ schedules as possible.

To make things more convenient, they allow online orders, as well as deliveries for students who lack the time to shop around in-store. If you do find the time, there are many incentives to visit the physical location, such as a welcome gift for first-timers — usually consisting of a pre-roll or small edible. Additionally, if you

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