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By Wesley LeBlanc wesley@opcfla.com

GREEN COVE SPRINGS – A medical marijuana dispensary was approved within 500 feet of the private Christian Home Academy on College Drive in Orange Park.

Approval for a marijuana dispensary normally wouldn’t be presented to the Board of County Commissioners, but it did Tuesday, April 27. That’s because there’s a county statute that states dispensaries can’t be built within 500 feet of a school. Josh Cockrell, one of the people behind the dispensary, convinced council. The body voted, 3-2, with Wayne Bolla, whose district the dispensary will be in, and Mike Cella dissenting.

“Governments should not get in between doctors and their patients’ care,” Cockrell said. “Governments should make it easier to open businesses. The distance from the door to the school is more than 600 feet, but it’s based on parcels.”

He argued the statute, which bases its distance parameter around parcels meaning a dispensary’s parcel can’t be within 500 feet of a school’s parcel, should take into account more detailed measurements. While the potential dispensary’s parcel location to the school is within 500 feet, going to the front door of the dispensary is 600 feet.

Cockrell said they reached out to Christian Home Academy

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