Arkansas Advocates Submit 111,000+ Signatures for Medical Cannabis Expansions Initiative

Advocates with Arkansans for Patient Access (APA) last week submitted over 111,000 signatures in support of putting an initiative to expand the state’s medical cannabis program on the November ballot, according to a 5NEWS report.

If passed by voters, the ballot initiative would allow registered patients to grow medical cannabis at home. It would also certify additional health providers including osteopathic doctors, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, and pharmacists to recommend patients for the program, and allow such health providers to recommend medical cannabis treatments to anyone they think would benefit from the program. The initiative also includes telemedicine expansions, permits out-of-state patient IDs, increases the registration period for patients from one year to three years, and removes program application fees for patients.

“Our canvassers found voters eager to place an amendment on the ballot that will eliminate barriers to access and make it less expensive to acquire and keep a medical marijuana card. As we move into the fall, we look forward to educating Arkansans all across the state about this amendment and the medicinal benefits of marijuana.” — Bill Paschall, APA campaign committee member, via 5NEWS

The medical expansions ballot initiative was initially rejected by the attorney

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