Amazon Removes Vape Packaging Following Vaping Hospitalizations and Deaths

Without making an announcement or statement of any kind, online retail giant Amazon has removed a range of products for assembling and packaging THC vape cartridges. Such products, which include everything from branded boxes and labels to warning stickers and compliance tabs, are often used to produce counterfeit vape cartridges for the unlicensed cannabis market. Often, the materials are so exact that it would be impossible for the average buyer to tell the difference between an untested counterfeit and a regulated, tested cartridge. Amazon hasn’t explained the move. But the company’s decision to remove the vape products comes as the U.S. is reeling from a string of vape-linked hospitalizations and deaths.

Counterfeit Vape Packaging and Labels No Longer Available on Amazon

If someone were in the business of manufacturing fake THC cartridges, they’d find everything they need on Amazon—except the cannabis extract itself. Everything from the oven to the empty cartridge and the propylene glycol to fill it with, along with the brand-name packaging, labelling and state-specific warnings and codes, could be had cheap, and most of it on Prime.

But in the midst of a rash of a mysterious vape-related lung illness and six deaths, Amazon has quietly moved

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