After arrests at illegal dispensary, Bay Ridge community calls on state to better regulate cannabis sales • Brooklyn Paper – Brooklyn Paper

With smoke shops popping up in neighborhoods across the city, at least one local panel is formally calling on the state legislature to create clearer language in the current legislation for unlicensed commercial and retail sale of marijuana and other cannabis products.

Adult use and retail sale of recreational marijuana was legalized in March 2021, and, on Monday, the state’s Cannabis Control Board approved its first batch of 36 dispensary licenses in the state. But while 13 licenses were issued for dispensaries in New York City — with some shops expected to open before the end of the year — none were granted in Brooklyn after a federal judge blocked the state from handing out licenses in certain areas. 

Still, many illegal dispensaries have popped up in pockets of Brooklyn — and the issue was a major talking point at Community Board 10’s Nov. 21 general board meeting.

Demanding stronger regulations in a “legal gray area”

District Manager Josephine Beckmann told board members that the group’s Police and Public Safety Committee had formally adopted a resolution asking state leaders to amend the Marihuana Regulation and Taxation Act and allow the OCM to crack down on the high number of unregulated shops

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