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Las Vegas is proud of its reputation as Sin City. Here, you can drink all day and night, gamble your life’s savings, skip sleep for days on end and eat a near infinite quantity of lobster. A Vegas vacation isn’t supposed to be an opportunity to improve your health and wellbeing; it is a time to indulge your baser instincts and do the things you’ve only ever dreamed of.

Even so, the Strip — the epicenter of Las Vegas debauchery — is hesitant to introduce the latest and greatest legal sin: cannabis. Though dispensaries are legal in Nevada, you won’t find a one on the Strip; it simply isn’t zoned for that kind of retail business. Fortunately, you can find a few quality pot shops close to the Strip, if you know where to look.


Essence claims that it is the only dispensary located truly on the Strip — but given that there is plenty of dispute regarding the boundaries of the Strip, and that the dispensary’s Las Vegas Boulevard location is just a bit too far north, most visitors and locals are dubious about this claim. Regardless, Essence is easily reached on foot from major resorts on

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